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That's better! Jays down Mariners 8-3 as the bats come alive.

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Well that is a nice way to salvage a game in the series. While I missed most of it being stuck at work I did get home around the 6th inning as was able to see all of the fireworks. 

I wasn't able to see the majority of Drabek's start but by the box score it looks like it was a bit rocky. That being said with the strikeout he was able to get in and out of trouble fairly quickly. He did allow a lot of baserunners in his 5.2 innings giving up 7hits and giving up 4BBs, That is now 11 walks on the short season, granted it is also 17Ks in 17.2 innings, not too shabby at all.

Our hitters came to life in 8th inning and it was a welcome site. Up until that point Vargas was shutting us down and it was looking like we were going to fall just short with the score at 2-1.  The inning opened against Jamey Wright, he surrendered a single to the league leader in AVG, Yunel Escobar, followed quickly by a perfect bunt by Corey Patterson. I think the defense had the opportunity to catch him at first but opted to wait and see if it rolled foul, it didn't. Next up Bautista gets buzzed up high by a fastball. Bautista doesn't like that, Bautista takes the next pitch deep over the left field wall for his 3rd of the year, giving the Jays a 4-2 lead that they would never relinquish. The hitting didn't stop there as we ended up scoring 6 in the 8th and another 1 in the ninth for good measure.

Marc Rzepczynski came in and threw a great two innings only giving up a BB that eventually scored when Jon Rauch came into the game. All in all a good 3.1 innings thrown by our bullpen.

Jays of the Day

Jose Bautista (.359) Yunel Escobar (.171) Corey Patterson (.120) Jose Molina (.104)

The only one with Suckage numbers is Drabek with (-.109) and I can't really bring myself to give it to him anyways.


Good game! nice to escape Seattle with at least one win, first West coast trip of the year started and ended well at least.