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Compensation for G20 Aggravations

This story, in the Canadian Press, talks of how the Blue Jays (and several other groups) are asking the government for compensation for losses due to the G20 summit in Toronto last summer.

The Jays filed a claim for $470,854 after the high-level, high-security meetings forced the team to shift a series of games to Philadelphia, records obtained by The Canadian Press show.
The move spoiled the keenly anticipated appearance of ace Philadelphia pitcher Roy Halladay, whom the Jays traded to the Phillies during the off-season.

I would also like to announce I'm filing for compensation from the government for losses due to the G20 summit. I, and friends, decided to go to Toronto for the Phillies series, to see Doc, and since we were traveling that far, decided to get tickets for the Cardinals series just before. After asking folks in the Blue Jay organization several times "are you sure you won't be moving the games?" we got our tickets, flight and hotel room. Then, of course, they announce they are moving the games to Philadelphia. In the press conference announcing this, Paul Beeston mentioned that the team would compensate 'Philly fans that had booked flights, hotels, etc.' No mention of Jays fans.

After several emails to the Jays, asking what they could do for us, with no response, I finally thought to email Mr. Beeston. A day later I received a phone call from a very helpful John Santana, from the Jays. With a little work, we decided to get tickets for the games in Philadelphia, a rental to drive there and a hotel. 

So I have decided to ask the government for $500,000 for compensation and mental suffering. I feel that is a very fair amount. 

Also I'm going to ask the Jays for $300,000 for making me suffer through two terrible losses while in Philly and $100,000 from Cito Gaston for putting John McDonald out in LF for the last game, causing aggravation to us and much taunting from Phils fans towards myself and others in Jays apparel as well as loss of appetite (though that could have been from the cheesesteak not going down well) I'd ask for more from Cito but he is retired now so I don't want to take all his money. 

I feel my requests are modest but I am willing to negotiate on some of the figures.