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Thursday Bantering: Encarnacion on the Bereavement List

The Blue Jays have placed Edwin Encarnacion on the bereavement list, he can be away for 3 to 7 days. No word on who passed away, but I wish Edwin the best. Mike McCoy has been called up from Vegas. He'll be getting used to that flight, must know the flight attendants by name. Edwin has been one of the few hitting the ball well the last few days. 

That's the second bit of transaction news in the last 24 hours, Brad Mills was sent back to Vegas yesterday and Luis Perez was called up today. I'm taking it that the Jays wanted to keep Mills on rotation at Vegas and didn't want to make any changes to the 40-man. I doubt Perez will be up long. Perez has a 3.79 ERA over 6 minor league seasons. The Jays list him at 6' and 160 pounds. He might blow away if there is a wind. 

Other AL news:

  • The Yankees Pat  Phil Hughes is on the DL with a 'dead arm'. Pitchers must love that term, dead arm. 
  • The Twins have put Joe Mauer on the DL with 'Bilateral Leg Weakness'. It doesn't sound good. Tom Verducci figures he'll have to move to a new position.