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This is the Major Leagues?

Normally, when I'm pissed off call in a baseball game, by the time I wake up the next morning, I'm over it. Today, not so much.

The Red Sox are a major league team. They are the second richest team in baseball and they like to remindus of it all the time. Spend a fortune on free agents? Sure why not.

How can they not have the foul line and foul pole line up? Isn't that something that you would expect even the lowest level A-ball team to get right?

Now I'm not sure that the umpires didn't make the right call, I don't know if there is something in the rule books about the foul line being a mess. But I do know that if I were the umpires and I reviewed that call I would have come out of the review, went to Terry Francona and said "By your foul line, when that ball went out of play it was fair. Home run".

When I umpired (just kids games) one of the rules I lived by was "the team that caused the problem is the one you rule against." I think that is a good rule. IF there isn't something in the rule book that covers the play, rule against who caused the problem.

In this case, yeah it was likely something that makes minimum wage that caused the screwup. But they have lots of high paid, smart folks in that organization. You can't tell me that no one noticed how that line was messed up. Since they didn't fix it, they can't complain when the ruling goes against them.

Yeah I know we won anyway, but really you have to get the idiot things right.