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You're our only hope - BBB Podcast - Episode 5

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Only a week between Podcasts? I know I know, I'm thinking the same thing too.

NOTE: Remember, if you have something you want to hear talked about on the Podcast feel free to fire off a question to

Tom couldn't join us for this one by I was able to be joined by both Hugo and Jessef so I can now confirm they are in fact two separate people! Hooray!

This one was recorded on Wednesday April 13th and as such had the pleasure of being the first podcast after the 2-4 west coast trip, unfortunately the Jays Hot start topic I had wanted to talk about became less relevant by the time we turned on skype. Dah well. We still founds things to talk about.

Topic Lists

1) Brandon Morrow and Frank Francisco are coming back? What happens then?

2) While the Jays hot start has cooled somewhat, the landscape in the AL East is still a bit crazy, has anyone changed their predictions on how the standings shake down?

3) Is there a renewed interest in the Jays so far this season? 

4) Jays on twitter? Good, Bad? Funny?

Lastly, we mention this on the Podcast, but we definitely need a way to close out the Podcast, whether that is some sort of catch phrase or roundtable parting shots or something. If you have ideas throw them out in the thread.

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