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That Was Awful in So Many Ways.

Blue Jays 1 Red Sox 8

I don't really really don't want to talk about that one, or relive it in anyway. 

We could start with all the things the Jays did well.



Now let's talk about what they did poorly. No there were a couple of things. Jesse Litsch pitched quite well, I know it is hard to believe by the final score but he looked good, but was let down by his defense and had the bad pitch to Ellsbury. The run we scored was fun, Aaron Hill on third and Juan Rivera on first, two outs. Rivera broke to second (like he was going to steal, yeah that could happen). The Boston catcher Saltalamacchia threw to second, Rivera stopped and Hill scored before Rivera could score. 

We did get some base runners, 7 hits and 6 walks. JP Arencibia had 2 hits, one a nice opposite field single, always good to see. 

And ummmmm well nobody got hurt. 

Other than that it was all awful.

Terrible defense, terrible hitting with RISP and some terrible base running. 

On defense, a pop fly down the third base line, that started way foul, blew back to fair. Jayson Nix and Juan Rivera, either gave up on it or didn't get there in time. A tough play, Rivera was a long ways away and, you all know, isn't fast (he says being overly generous). Maybe one or both of them should have got there. At worst it should have been close. That and a seeing eye soft ground ball, turned a bad pitch to Ellsbury into a three run homer. I think Litsch may have lost focus for a moment.

Nix made an error on a soft ground ball in the 6th that lead to 2 runs in that inning. And Adam Lind made his first error at first base in the 8th, when the Sox got their last two runs, but really by then it was over. 

Base running didn't go well either, other than the nifty "steal" of home. In the 7th, with Arencibia on second and Snider on first, Rivera hit a soft line drive, caught by the second baseman, Snider was too far off the bad at first and was doubled off, effectively killing off a chance to get back into the game. 

Then in the 8th, down by 5, Corey Patterson walked to start the inning. After an out he stole second, a useless move down by 5 but then he was safe and took the double play off the table. Adam Lind then walked. Corey was then thrown out trying to steal third. That was a stupid play. His run didn't matter, the runners behind him were the important ones.  Hill singled to center after that. Had Patterson been on second he would have scored and we would have had 2 on, 1 out, down by 4. Slim chance of a win but at least there would have been a chance. 

Anyway, no Jay of the Day today. Surprise. Nix had the high number at  .062 but then it doesn't consider defense. Jays with Suckage numbers are Litsch (-.260, but let down by his defense big time), Escobar (-.143) and Snider (-.100, without considering base running mistake). 

It seemed like everyone in the game thread was in a bad mood today (including myself, I apologize), understandable with how bad the game was. But I am going to point out something from our posted rules:

Insulting Jay players is allowed, within limits, but remember this is our team. If you say something juvenile, you might get called out on it. 

Honest folks, if you say something insulting about one of our players, expect someone to call you on it. I can understand being frustrated with players having a bad start and, no, I am not saying you have to only say positive things about players all the time. Clearly we criticize players. But, if everyone is in a bad mood about a bad game, remember we are fans and this is our team. 

Added to that, if a moderator says stop, just stop. It isn't a moment to argue rules. Johnny, Hugo, Jessef and I are wanting to enjoy the game and the thread, we aren't going to enjoy if we have to argue about rules. Trust me, if my choice is enjoy the game or argue after I say stop, the banhammer will come out quick. 

Anyway, tomorrow's game has to be better, right? Early start, 11:00 Eastern. Ricky Romero and Daisuke Matsuzaka. With DiceK, the good news is that the game will still be going when everyone gets home from work.