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Jays Activate Frank Francisco, Send Jesse Litsch to Vegas

I really don't understand this move at all. Jesse Litsch has pitched reasonably, even though sometimes without great results (3.63 ERA). Jo-Jo Reyes (6.75 ERA), on the other hand hasn't really don't anything well. But Litsch has options and Reyes doesn't. Still, of the two of them, I'd much rather have Jesse in the rotation, The way Reyes has pitched, I would have rather DFAed him and kept Litsch or, at worst, moved Reyes to the pen and sent back Luis Perez.

Glad to see Frank Francisco up with the team. Rauch did the job as closer, but I'd be more comfortable with Francisco there.

Obviously Morrow is going to slide into Litsch's spot in the rotation and someone, likely Perez will be moved to make room for him at that time. I really don't see Perez as something that is going to help the team in the long term or even the short term.

But this means that Reyes is staying in the rotation for at least one more time through the order. I don't know, if I was Litsch I'd be more than a little disappointed. Oh well, smarter minds than mine came up with this.

This leaves us with just 3 guys on the bench still. I'm not a big fan of the 8 man bullpen. I guess actually, at the moment we have a 9 man bullpen. Way too many arms there, but it will be back down to 8 when they activate Morrow,