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Great kid, don't get cocky - BBB Podcast Episode 3

Giving this one a bump to the top of the page for people who missed it with all the game threads.

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Our 3rd podcast! Just in time for the start of the season..... well sort of. It would have been posted earlier today but apparently people at work actually want me to do real work and not spend time on Bluebirdbanter.... the nerve.

On this podcast Tom, Hugo and I run down the AL East before we recorded we each decided to look into a team each so one of us could take the lead on the discussion for that team. It quickly became evident why Hugo is the lawyer as he came fully prepared. Tom was able to share his experiences watching the Yankees during his spring training trip and I ... well... I winged it. Hey it all works out in the end.

After our AL East review we took some time to answer a couple of questions posted on the site.

All in all it was a great time and the even better news was that we experienced minimal technical difficulties! Hooray!

We recorded this one on Wednesday March 31st.

Click button! Download! Listen! Enjoy!