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Let's do that again! - Gm 2 - Twins @ Jays Gamethread

Well that first game was fun. What do you think everyone, should we just do that again? That would probably make it easier on our hearts anyone.

Honestly, I mentioned it last night in the gamethread but I couldn't stop smiling during the first inning. Even before the Jays had got up to bat it was just wonderful to have Baseball .... real baseball back. By the time the bottom of the inning rolled around and we got to see another side of the Jays that we haven't seen in years I was in full blown Joker type can't stop smiling mode. It was beautiful. Speed, steals, great baserunning on the sac flies (poor baserunning on the pick-off but hey it worked!). Hopefully this game is a sample of what is to come for the entire year for the Jays. If so this team is going to be very exciting to watch for the entire year.

Today in game 2 of the series we have our future all-star ace (no pressure kid) Kyle Drabek taking on former all-star ace Francisco Liriano. Drabek only got into 3 starts last year with the Jays at the end of the year and unfortunately lost all 3, he didn't pitch real poor in any of the three it was just one of those things. The thing I saw last year was the movement and the way the ball came out of his hand. As he matures he really looks like he has the chance to be a top of the rotation arm. On the opposing mound Liriano who eternally is trying to live up to the hype that he created in his 2006 season when he dominated in 16 starts. Since then injuries and inconsistency have done him in. Last year he took a step forward again as he finished strong with a record of 14-10 3.62 ERA 1.263WHIP and the lowest HR/9 of his career at 0.4, all while lowering his BB/9 to 2.7 and raising his K/9 to 9.4. I am honestly surprised he didn't get the opening day start over Pavano but I'm not complaining.

Kyle Drabek

#4 / Pitcher / Toronto Blue Jays





Dec 08, 1987

Francisco Liriano

#47 / Pitcher / Minnesota Twins





Oct 26, 1983

There will be some changes in our lineup today as Molina is scheduled to catch Drabek. Also it appears as if Travis Snider will get the day off against the tough lefty. I am not sure if there is any lingering injury/tightness from the end of spring injury, perhaps a combination or both. Also EE after the error last night moves into the DH spot and Jayson Nix sees his first action as a Jay at 3B.

Not sure about all the lineup changes after such a great start last night, but lets see how it works out.

Here are the lineups courtesy of Gregor Chisholm

Escobar SS, Hill 2B, Bautista RF, Lind 1B, Encarnacion DH, Nix 3B, Rivera LF, Molina C, McCoy CF

EDIT: Here is what Shi Davidi says about the lineup changes:

LATE EDIT: Davis is out with a sore foot after hurting it on the rundown yesterday and McCoy will take his spot in CF

Farrell says Snider sits bc of matchup, chance to get Nix in and Rivera in field.

Remember to keep it Civil and GO JAYS GO!

I likely won't be around for much of the game thread today as I have prior commitments but I hope it is as lively as the threads were yesterday.