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Two Millionth Visitor!!

Tonight we had our 2,000,000th visitor. Who would have thought it? Not me. If you went back 2 and a half years, Hugo and I were almost alone here a good part of the time.

So hats and horns for everyone. I'd bake a cake but no one would want to eat something I baked. I do pretty good cookies though. Might take a day or two to make 2,000,000. And I'll have to go get more milk.

Actually it depends, if you believe out in house count we passed 2,000,000 a couple of weeks back, but Site Counter count hit 2,000,000 just a few minutes ago, so we will go with that. 

Anyway, thanks all for coming around, commenting and making this the fun place it is. It would be boring place without people coming in to visit. 

Now everyone put on your silly hat and look at the camera. On three. Smile.