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Minor League Recap: going 2-for-5 makes you cool.

This will be my last recap before May, because I'm going on vacation to the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. Now I'm from the Netherlands myself, so it's not that far away for me, but a lot of you might not have heard of it before. Anyway, there will be some recaps by Tom or hugo in all probability, so don't despair.

The Las Vegas 51s:

Darin Mastroianni: 1-for-5, double. 290/.313/.355 (2 BB, 14 K)

Mike McCoy: 1-for-3, 2 walks. .316/.500/.421 (6 BB, 5 K)

Brett Lawrie: 2-for-5, strikeout. .393/.443/.589 (3 BB, 14 K)

Eric Thames: 2-for-5, double. .431/.493/.724 (7 BB, 13 K) However, 5 of those walks were intentional walks.

David Cooper: 2-for-5, double. .368/.419/.579 (5 BB, 3 K)

Adam Loewen: 3-for-5, two strikeouts, home run. .255/.302/.404 (4 BB, 16 K)

Danny Farquhar, back with the Jays, gave up 2 hits and a walk leading to 1 earned run on just 1 out, which was a strikeout.

Some interesting stats:

Brett Lawrie has swung at 43.3% (45% MLB average) of the pitches thrown to him and has missed on 22.2% (18.5% avg) of his swings, while taking 36.4% (31% avg) of pitches for a strike.

Eric Thames has swung at 45.1% of the pitches thrown to him and has missed on 21.9% of his swings, while taking 26.6% of pitches for a strike.

David Cooper has swung at 45.6% of the pitches thrown to him and has missed on 12.8% of his swings, while taking 24.1% of pitches for a strike.

Cooper and Thames either have a lot better strikezone judgement than Lawrie, or pitchers are throwing them a lot fewer strikes (to Thames, probably, to Cooper, unlikely). But of course Lawrie is a lot younger than both.

(data by StatCorner)

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats:

Anthony Gose: 0-for-5. .180/.212/.200 (2 BB, 7 K) Line drive% just 7 so far (18.9 is MLB average).

Adeiny Hechavarria: 1-for-5, strikeout. .204/.220/.245 (1 BB, 4 K) His LD% is 17.8.

Moises Sierra: 2-for-4. .310/.355/.310 (1 BB, 2 K) His LD% is a whopping 37 percent.

Michael McDade: 2-for-4, walk, strikeout, double. .362/.400/.468 (3 BB, 12 K) Has hit line drives at a rate of 22.9%.

Travis d'Arnaud: 2-for-4, strikeout, double. .211/.268/.342 (3 BB, 5 K) His line drive rate is 18.2%, but he has also hit popups at a 15.2% clip, where 7.3% would be major league average.

Reidier Gonzalez has been decent for the Cats, he pitched 7 innings, 1 earned run, 0 BB, 4 K. Now has a 1.59 ERA with 9 Ks and 2 BBs in 17 IP.

Ronald Uviedo pitched another two scoreless innings, striking out one and giving up 2 hits. 0.00 ERA.

The Dunedin Blue Jays:

Kenny Wilson: 0-for-4, walk, 2 strikeouts. .278/.395/.444 (6 BB, 9 K) All 6 walks have come in his last 4 games.

A.J. Jimenez: 2-for-4, strikeout, home run. .366/.395/.634 (2 BB, 9 K)

Justin Jackson: 0-for-3, walk. .303/.400/.333 (6 BB, 5 K)

Ryan Goins: 2-for-4, triple. .196/.213/.348 (1 BB, 14 K)

Asher Wojciechowski somehow gave up only 1 run on 7 hits (including a triple and a double) and 2 walks in 5 innings. He struck out 3 and got 47.4% groundballs. He's now got a 1.15 ERA, 9 Ks against 4 BBs in 15.2 IP, and 46.9% groundballs on the season (3 starts). All in all not a bad start to his high-A season.

The Lansing Lugnuts (2 games):

Carlos Perez: 1-for-7, strikeout. .351/.415/.514 (4 BB, 6 K)

Gustavo Pierre: 1-for-6, walk, 2 strikeouts. .233/.283/.279 (3 BB, 8 K)

Jake Marisnick: 0-for-5, 2 walks, strikeout. .268/.362/.415 (3 BB, 8 K)

K.C. Hobson: 0-for-6, walk. .190/.277/.214 (5 BB, 4 K)

Marcus Knecht: 3-for-5, walk, home run. .359/.432/.564 (4 BB, 9 K) How about going on a 9-for-16 stretch, 2 BB, 1 K, 4 doubles and a home run? That's Knecht from the 17th until now.

Michael Crouse: 2-for-6, double, strikeout. .278/.381/.556 (4 BB, 6 K)

Balbino Fuenmayor: 2-for-3, strikeout, double. .455/.520/.591 (3 BB, 4 K)

Garis Pena: 1-for-3, home run. .111/.200/.278 (2 BB, 6 K) He's young, only just turned 19. Not sure why he's in Lansing after he went .204/.245/.272 in rookie-ball last year.

Misaul Diaz gave up 3 earned in 4 innings, 3 BB, 3 K. Has 9 BB and 9 K in his 3 starts, but does have an amazing 66.7% groundball rate. Had good control in Rookie and Short season-ball, but has yet to show it in A-ball.

Casey Lawrence struck out 5 while walking none in 6 innings, but still gave up 5 earned. 7 Ks, no walks in 13 innings, 53.7% groundballs, but is old (23) for the level.