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Boys of Summer: Watch it Instantly

In 1990, Robert Cochrane and his father, Dan, set out to see all 30 major-league baseball parks in one summer.  They made it to seven before life got in the way, as life does.  Then, in 2001, his father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  In 2004, Cochrane Jr. and Sr. set out to complete their trip.  Cochrane, a film student at UNLV, made a documentary about their trip.  In December 2009, Tom let everyone know that the film was out on video.  He also did this great interview with Cochrane.   

I wanted to let everyone know, this great, award-winning film is now available to watch online for free at the film's website.  They are accepting donations which go to the Michael J. Fox foundation via their team.  Father and Son are also blogging and vlogging over at the film's website

Boys of Summer really is a great, uplifting, and often very funny film that is definitely worth your time.  Watch it on the Jays' next off-day!