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If It Weren't For Disappointment I Wouldn't Have Any Appointments: 4/24 Minor League Recap

Quick one today, as only two of our affiliates played.  They both lost, and the combination of the lack of games and the lack of wins made me think of the old They Might Be Giants song (Snowball in Hell, off Lincoln) from which I borrowed the title.  

Las Vegas lost 10-4 to Colorado Springs:

Not a good start for Brad Mills.  He gave up 6 runs through 5 innings on 9 hits (including a home run), 2 walks, and 2 Ks.  He was keeping the ball down to get outs, though.  6 groundouts and 2 flyouts.  

Darrin Mastroianni was 1-4 with a double and a walk.  .241/.277/.304

Brett Lawrie was 1-4 with a walk.  Good to see him draw a walk.  .425/.468/.712.

David Cooper was 2-4 with, you guessed it, another double, his 11th on the season.  Coop also walked. .384/.430/.616.

Adam Loewen was 1-4 with a two-run double and a walk.  Getting there: .270/.314.429.  

New Hampshire was off.   

Dunedin lost to Daytona, 5-3. 

Kevin Ahrens was 2-4 with two doubles.  .236/.323/.382.  

A.J. Jimenez was 1-4 with a single, but struck out in his other 3 plate appearances.  A.J. also had a throwing error.

Scott Podsednik and Dewayne Wise continued to make rehab starts. 

Chad Jenkins had a very nice start in a losing effort - 2 runs over 6 innings, with 4 Ks, 2 walks, and 8 of 10 batted ball outs on the ground.  


Lansing was off.