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Bluebird Links - Injuries, Roster Moves and Minor League Notes

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Here's a question for everyone - would you rather have both McCoy and McDonald in the lineup every day or would you rather have Brad Eamus playing 2nd for the Jays. Maybe I'll make it a poll. Seeing those two, along with Nix (when healthy) starting everyday makes me question why the Jays were so eager to ditch Eamus. It's not like the Jays have a pile of 2nd base talent floating along in the minors. I for one would rather see Eamus in a AAA/MLB role than any of the aforementioned players. Such is life I guess.

Jays Links

Injuries will not force Toronto Blue Jays' promotion of Brett Lawrie
They won't be rushing him, but it sounds like they want to get him called up to the Jays before September call-ups. Anyone else think a June / July call-up is looking likely?

Viva Las Roster Moves
Ian at The Bluejay Hunter summarizes the moves the Jays have made so far this year:

In total, the Blue Jays have made 27 roster moves since April 1st. As a comparison, last year the Blue Jays didn't reach the 27 roster move mark until nearly halfway through the season on June 20th.

17 of those moves included 'the minors' which is good for 57, 273 km of travel. That's crazy. Most of those roster moves likely included a subsequent roster move between Las Vegas and New Hamshire as well. Still think Vegas as a AAA location is good for the Jays?

Fisher Cats pitchers getting it done
The Fisher Cats are off to a good start thanks to excellent pitching so far.

Interview with Fisher Cats' Anthony Gose
A long interview with Anthony Gose from over the weekend.

Dunedin Jays Live Scouting Report
Matthias Koster has some notes from a Dunedin game he watched live. Overall, he wasn't too impressed with the prospects there.

Around the League

Chris’ Corner: Pitching beasts are in the NL East
The Phillies starting rotation has been really good...but the Marlins has been even better. Can Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez (among others) keep this up?

Sam Fuld — half a man, wholly amazing
The title sounds like a Dos Equis beer commercial. "He's the greatest man alive..." Anyway, sounds like Griffin is jumping on the Sam Fuld bandwagon. How long before he comes back down to earth?

All's Wells for Vernon in Anaheim
Vernon is playing a little better over the past week.

A-Rod belts 22nd milestrone Grand Slam
ARod sits 2nd in careers grandslams behind Lou Gehrig, and also moved into 10th place on the career RBI list.

The Non-Shutout No-Hitter
FanGraphs recaps the seven games in which a pitcher has thrown a no hitter where the other team managed to score a run.

Silver anniversary of one of baseball’s most incredible homers (4/25/11)
Want to know how often a pitcher hits a walk-off homer? Not very often. Only once in the last 40 plus years.