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Bluebird Links - Home Runs are good (unless your name is Ryan Rayburn)

Hey look, the Jays CAN score runs!  Nice game for Lind yesterday with a pull and opposite field homerun.  And Rivera seems to be breaking out of his ill-timed brutal slump.  Life is good in Jays land! 

I stayed up to watch the Vancouver Canucks (ugh) versus Chicago Blackhawks game seven last night and now I'm tired.  So, straight into the Links this morning but there's a few good ones (especially around the league). 

Jays Links

Injuries dog Blue Jays
Sounds like Davis should be back later this week and Encarnacion should be available tonight. It also sounds like either Podsednik or DeWayne Wise will get the call up next week when the Jays drop back down to 12 pitchers.

Drabek's changeup develops into weapon
Nice to hear - maybe this is why he's throwing less curve balls?

Fire When Ready (Which is Always)
Drew at Ghostrunner is okay with Escobar first pitch swinging.

What I Like About Jose Bautista
Parkes tells us what he likes about Bautista. I like mostly everything about Bautista.

Vote Jose Bautista, other Toronto Blue Jays to All-Star Game in Phoenix
It's that time of year...already. Vote for Bautista!

Three Up, Three Down - Heroes and Goats of the Season (So Far)
The Tao of Steib has this seasons heroes and goats, at the 1/8th point of the season.

A New Hope for Baseball in Montreal?
Kyle Roussel wonders if the Jays could attempt to get a AAA affiliate in Montreal. I would love to see something like this happen be it Montreal or Ottawa, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Thoughts?

Carlos Delgado: Excellent enough for the Level of Excellence?
Scott Barber wonders if Delgado deserves a place among the all-time Jays greats. Does anyone think he doesn't?

Around the League

Lillibridge’s grabs against Yankees prompt Wikipedia vandalism
Brent Lillibridge made a sweet catch to save the game against the Yanks yesterday (seriously, if you missed it, check out the video in the article). And he also earned Wikipedia immortality:

Lillibridge was born in the deepest caverns of ancient mesopotamia. When he was five years old he mastered the art of natural pwning through rightfield... One thousand years later, he laid dormant until the white sox discovered his frozen body in the jungles of Mexico.

Ryan Rayburn's Glove Causes Miguel Olivo Home Run
Bahaha. Rayburn pulls a Jose Conseco.  Awesome.

Ethier sets mark for longest April streak
A nice 23 game hit streak to start the season.

Struggles of Derek Jeter, Miguel Tejada show lack of aging stars
There's not a whole lot of 36+ year old players setting the world on fire right now. Verducci also has an interesting note at the bottom of the article regarding pitch counts. It looks as though managers are letting their hurlers pitch deeper into game than the past few years.  I wonder if pitchers are throwing more in general, or if it's just a few of the games top starters that have gone to really high pitch counts?

Carl Everett charged with holding gun to wife’s head
Never like to hear stories like this. The Star also has a few notes regarding Josh Hamilton and Joe Mauer's rehabs, and Phil Hughes troubles.