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Bad Inning for Jo-Jo Reyes Costs Us, Jays Lose to Rangers.

Blue Jays 6 Rangers 7

That had a little of everything, except for a Jays win. 

It was almost decided by a bad 3rd inning. Jo-Jo Reyes breezed through the first two innings. The third could have gone well too. With 1 out, Yorvit Torrealbe hit a ground ball down the third base line, Edwin made a pretty nice play on the ball. Considering his was moving away from first and had to make the throw in a hurry, I didn't think the throw was bad but Adam Lind couldn't pick up the short hop. They gave EE the error, I'm not sure it was the right call, I'd likely have called it an infield hit. 

Reyes seemed ok, he got the Mitch Moreland to strike out. But then the inning went to hell in a hurry. Wild pitch (more like a passed ball), walk, single, double, hit batter, single, double and that was Reyes night. 6 runs, none of them earned. As Hugo pointed out, that shows the problem with ERA. Reyes pitched an awful inning but his ERA goes down because of a iffy error call by the official scorer. 

We did come back to tie the game. We got 2 runs in the 3rd, 3 more in the 4th. Then Juan Rivera tied things up in the 7th with a solo homer. Things looked good for a moment.

Then John Farrell brought Octavio Dotel in for the bottom of the seventh. A lefty batter, Mitch Moreland led off the inning and hit a homer on the second pitch. That turned out to be the game winning hit. Dotel really shouldn't be facing lefties. But to be fair to Farrell, Dotel doesn't actually give up home runs to lefties at a higher rate than right handers. Career he has given up a homer every 30 plated appearances to RH batters and one every 36.5 PA against lefties. It is just everything else that Dotel does better against right handers. 

Carlos Villanueva pitched a great 3.1 innings for us, giving up just 1 walk. He has been so much better than anyone could have expected. So far this year he has pitched 11.1 innings, given up 4 hits, 2 homers, 7 walks, 11 k with a 1.84 ERA.

We did have a fair bit of offense, 14 hits and 4 walks. Rivera had 3 hits, including the homer. McCoy, Lind and Patterson had 2 hits each. Every other starter had a hit.

From the small ball department, McCoy was thrown out at the plate in the first inning (he looked safe to me) and Patterson was thrown out steal, an attempt that looked like the batter missed a hit and run sign. 

Jays of the Day are Rivera (.385 WPA), Villanueva (.162) and Bautista (.109). Players with Suckage numbers were Reyes (-.452), Encarnacion (-.200, mostly off not getting the hit we needed with two outs in the 9th, he did battle, striking out after a 9 pitch at bat), Arencibia (-.192), Dotel (-.125) and Escobar (-.109).

Tomorrow is an afternoon game on getaway day in Texas, 2:00 Eastern start. Brandon Morrow gets his second start against Alexi Ogando (3-0, 2.13). Would be nice to win it and take the series.