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David Cooper to be Called Up and Rajai Davis Activated.

You know, I really thought that with Cito gone, we'd stop yo-yoing Travis Snider back and forth. It seems strange to me that right after Juan Rivera comes out of his slump, the team decides that Snider won't be able to come out of his without a trip to Vegas. It does seem like small sample sizes are ruling so far this season.

Anyway, it looks like David Cooper is going to be called up and Rajai Davis will be activated from the DL. What I am imagining will happen is that Rivera will be put into left field, Cooper will DH and Patterson will be pinch runner/defensive replacement for the next little while. At least that's how I'd do it.

They might want to platoon a bit, perhaps putting McCoy in LF and Rivera at DH against LHP. 

I really don't get why you would send down a 23 year old, who has shown he can hit in the majors, after 83 at bats. It just doesn't make sense to me. Or to put it a different way, why would you continue to keep running Jo-Jo out there, when he has had no history of success at all, but send Snider away. Or why you'd send him down to bring up David Cooper, who only has a handful of good at bats this season, after a couple of years of disappointing play in the majors. I did see Cooper hit a couple of home runs in the week I was down in Florida. I did hope to see him at some point this season, but didn't figure it would be so soon.

I guess the other question is: Why would it be ok to bring up Cooper so soon, when they keep saying they can't bring up Lawrie yet? It doesn't make much sense to me.