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Friday Bantering

First of all, I have to say Happy Birthday to my oldest son Dwight. He turns, I can't believe it, 22 today. 22 and still not in the majors. Where did I go wrong? Actually, he has always been as good a son as you could ask for, I'm very proud of him. Have a great day Dwight. 

A few less important things:

"We played the Pirates a lot in spring training, and I saw he had pop," Ricciardi said of Bautista. "I thought he could be a super utility player -- play some third base, left field, DH -- and I thought he could hit 15 home runs. If you told me he would hit 20 home runs, I would have believed it because you could see the power. But no way could you see 50.
"He's a hard worker and a really great guy. It's a great story and a great credit to him."

I don't know about you, but if I was JP, I'd have said 'yeah, I knew all along that he was going to be a 50 homer a year guy. I mean, it isn't a lie if you know the truth. 

  • The Jays are letting folks camp out at Rogers Center. $100 lets you and your sleeping bag into the park overnight and gets you a 100 level ticket for the Jays and Astros game May 21. They promise autographs and 'fun activities with 'Parks Canada Team'. 
  • Rajai Davis (leading off) and David Cooper (batting 7th). Yankees Stadium is a good place for a left handed power hitter, though that might not be the right term for Cooper. But then, in Yankee Stadium, every left hander is a power hitter. Juan Rivera is playing LF. I don't mind him in LF too much, On average LFers make about less than 2 plays a game. Left field is pretty huge in Yankee Stadium, but I'd imagine Davis will be cheating in his direction most of the game. 
  • John Lott interviewed John McDonald for the National Post. Great interview. 
  • Why is it always an Atlanta Brave that does this stuff?