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Am I people? Do I even look like people? Trust me. I'm the Doctor. - Confidence that the fans need

Tom talked about what he was confident in for the team in the first couple posts. I thought this might be a good time (especially given recent events) to spin it around and  to talk about what we as the fans need to be confident in, rather then what we already are.

Going into the season a lot of us were very confident in the direction of this team and the leadership that we had in place between management and the new coaching staff. This is a great thing, because as a fanbase you absolutely NEED to be confident in the direction of the team. If you are not confident it is unlikely the team is going to hold your attention much if/when the struggles start to happen.

Fans NEED to be confident in the managerial decisions that a manager and the rest of the coaching staff make on a day to day basis. We saw first hand what can happen when the confidence in the manager begins to strain as last year wore on and more and more us began to question Cito's day to day decisions. First it lineups, then in game decisions with bullpen and lack of activity using the bench, even down to deciding not argue any calls.

On the other hand we also NEED to be confident in the top management of the team. Alex has done a ton of great things in his short time here and earned the confidence of a lot of fans, because of that he is likely to get some slack if people don't like any individual move.

We need to be confident in our own players, we NEED to believe that we have players that can perform in the situations that they are put in, if you lose confidence in the players it is a quick step to constantly worrying about him and then questioning any decisions where that player gets into more situation. If you think about it, losing confidence in a player is a gateway problem is losing confidence in both coaching and management. If you don't like the player you aren't going to like the manager that plays him or the GM that keeps him on the team.

This all brings us back to the Jays, and us. Do we have the confidence that we NEED? I know going into the season I was as high on the team as anyone, you can hear it on our Podcasts or in my comments. I was 100% behind Alex and his plan. I was 100% behind the new coaching staff. I wasn't completely behind the current crop of players but I know its a work in progress. Now a month into the season and after numerous moves from the team I am beginning to question my own confidence in them. Whether its injury concerns with Escobar and leaving him on the field. To promotion and demotion decisions surrounding Litsch, Cecil and Snider. To lineups and bullpen decisions, Rivera batting 5th during slumps? Dotel vs Lefties? Every game there seems to be something else that leaves me scratching my head, and its trying. It's really really trying.

Am I being too harsh? Farrell is a new manager afterall, and Alex is basically a rookie GM and our team is full of youngsters. But losing confidence is a bad feeling to have and I think its a feeling a lot of the Jays fans have had early in this season. You can see it in our gamethreads, fanposts and comments after losses. We all have to walk on eggshells and it feels like a powder keg is about to go off as soon as someone starts a discussion.

Maybe the Confidence poll on the side of the site does monitor this in a way. You can see how steady our poll was all off-season and to start the season, then a quick losing streak into the season and it drops,  Get back to winning a couple and it starts to climb again. It is interesting how we as fans reflect in our own emotions how the team is doing. Let's pray we won't see the day the confidence poll drops down to the bottom of the scale, because on that day I don't imagine this will be a fun site to be around and that would suck because I like it here.

Keep your confidence everyone. It's a long season, and we are going to NEED it.