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Little bits of news about guys on the injury list:

Octavio Dotel is to rejoin the team sometime on their next road trip.

Frank Francisco is to start a rehab assignment Thursday and is to make 3 appearances before joining the Jays.

Brandon Morrow will make a rehab start Thursday in Dunedin, they want him to throw 50 pitches. He'll be making a second rehab start before joining the Jays.

Scott Posednik is two weeks away from joining the team. 

Rajai Davis is back tonight, but he says he will 'protect the ankle' today. I'm not sure what that means. 

And, though it isn't an injury, Jose Bautista will likely miss the series against Oakland but they expect him to be joining the team in Anaheim.

So they will have a lot of decisions to make, in the next couple of weeks, two relievers will be joining the staff, someone will have to go. I'm not sure what they will do. If Farrell doesn't have any faith in Purcey, I have a hard time believing Scrabble will be sent down. But would the team want to expose Purcey to waivers. Janssen has an option left but has been pitching well. Villanueva has an option left too, but he's throwing good too. 

The team will have to choose between Jesse Litsch and Jo-Jo Reyes when Morrow comes back. Reyes could move to the pen and Rzep could go down, I guess.  Farrell keeps saying great things about Rzepczynski, so it is hard for me to believe he'll be going down. 

And then who leaves if/when Podsednik is ready to go? McCoy had a good opening weekend and Nix hit a home run. It will be a tough choice.