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Wednesday Bantering: Walk-Offs

There is just something about comeback wins and walk-off wins. We endow those games with all sorts of special meanings: scrappiness, heart, desire, all that stuff. I don't know that come from behind wins really mean anything more than games that you lead from start to finish. I guess it is nice for the players to be able to think 'we did it before, we can do it again'

It is too bad that Reyes didn't pitch the way he had during spring. Everything he threw this spring seemed to be low in the strike zone. yesterday it wasn't. First impressions are tough to beat out of a fan's mind. If he was going to get hit around, it would have been better if he had been throwing his game so we could have said 'he can't do it'. Anyway, let's give him another start and see what he can do.

I have to say, again, how glad I am that Farrell didn't have Escobar bunt in the 10th inning. I have a feeling that if we hadn't used so many relievers to that point, that he may have bunted. But the 1 run strategy, if it worked right, would have tied the game and then we would have had to use more relievers.

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Everyone is writing about last night's game, here are a couple of links, one from Southpaw and one from Blue Jay Hunter.

Even Fangraphs mentions the game. I love the graph:


Other stuff:

  • MLB Trade Rumors has it's Blue Jay Offseason in Review. I'm sure you all know what happened this off-season but there are some opinions in there. He likes the Davis pickup and likes Bautista's contract. It finishes with:

The Blue Jays will likely become progressively more aggressive about competing in the AL East, starting with the 2012 season. A playoff berth could be added by MLB, and Toronto's goal is to begin an extended period of contention. They've got a respectable 2011 club, but this coming offseason could be Anthopoulos' biggest push yet toward winning now.

  • Richard Griffin talks about the uphill battle to get fans to the park.
  • John Lott writes about the turf at Rogers. Apparently it was better yesterday than it was in the first series.

Non Jays stuff:

  • Yesterday was one of those perfect baseball days. Not only did the Jays win but the Yankees and Red Sox lost. Boston is now 0 and 4. Is panic setting in? Yep. It must be tough, when you buy all the overpriced free agents and every expert is picking your team to got 162-0, to lose the first few games.
  • Oh, and Yankee fans aren't thrilled either.
  • If you missed Jack Wilson's amazing play Monday, take a look.
  • The Onion Sports Network treats the Bond trial with the seriousness it deserves.