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Sleepless in London - GM 5 - A's @ Jays - GameThread

Hellllllllo everyone! I need coffee. I am exhausted after a long day at work and a long night where one of my twins decided that nighttime was a good time to get up and stay awake for the rest of the night.

The Jays continue their series with the A's tonight and look to kick off the season with their 4th win. To get it we are sending out Jesse Litsch to the hill. So far in the rotation we have seen 1 good start in Romero, 1 great start from Drabek, 1 meh start from Cecil and 1 Oh crap start from Jo-Jo. What will tonight bring?

Countering Jesse will be the A's perfect man Dallas "Don't you dare step on my mound" Braden. Last year was a bit of an up and down year for Braden, He had a decent first part of the season before having a war of words on the field with A-Rod (Why is it always him? Oh Right), apparently A-Rod walked across the mound and that broke one of the unwritten rules. To be fair I had never heard of that one before but I can see it being there. Braden took exception and started yelling. After the game A-Rod countered with a what has he ever done.... well only a start or two later Braden threw the first perfect game of the season just slightly before Halladay thew his. After the game things started to trend downwards for the rest of the year as Braden struggled a bit.

Jesse Litsch

#51 / Pitcher / Toronto Blue Jays





Mar 09, 1985

Dallas Braden

#51 / Pitcher / Oakland Athletics





Aug 13, 1983

There was a rumour out there that Braden was hurt and that was part of the reason his start was switched with McCarthy's last night, there is a young guy coming up from the A's system that fueled the speculation but as it turns out he is good to go. Obviously he can be tough to hit when he is on.

Lineup Courtesy of Gregor

#BlueJays lineup vs Oakland: Davis CF, Escobar SS, Lind 1B, Hill 2B, Rivera RF, Encarnacion 3B, Snider LF, Arencibia C, McCoy DH

Still no Bautista, but we were made to expect that since they said it was a good possibility that he was missing the entire series. Personally I would feel better with McCoy in the field and Rivera DH'ing....

Remember to keep it Civil and Go Jays Go!

Current Series

Blue Jays lead the series 1-0

Tue 04/05 WP: Jason Frasor (1 - 0)
LP: Grant Balfour (0 - 1)
7 - 6 win

Oakland Athletics
@ Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2011, 7:07 PM EDT
Rogers Centre

Dallas Braden vs Jesse Litsch

Mostly cloudy,rain. Winds blowing from left to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 45.

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Thu 04/07 12:35 PM EDT