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Blue Jays Confidence Poll

I'm sure you've all noticed the "Blue Jay Fan Confidence" poll in the top right hand corner. That's something that SB introduced towards the end of last season for all the teams, so the fans can say how 'confident' they are in their team. To me, confidence is pretty nebulous term to have a poll on. I'm not exactly sure what we are supposed to base that confidence on. I'm very confident the Jays will play 162 games this year. I am confident we will win 50 games and lose 50 games. Those other 62 I'm not sure on. I'm confident that the future of the team looks bright. I'm not confident that this season will finish with us in the playoffs.

SB Feels a confidence poll is something that other media might be interested in. Say Griffin wants to write something about how the Jays fans are feeling about their team, maybe he'll want a number and he'll see that, those of us that voted here, are 80% confident in our team. Yeah I know, not likely to happen. 

But now the nice people at Gillette are sponsoring an series of posts about the confidence poll. So a couple of times a week I'll be writing about confidence and our Jays. 

So what am I confident in about the Jays?

  • I have confidence in our coaching staff. I think we have very knowledgeable coaches. They do good work with our players. 
  • I have confidence in John Farrell. I'm sure I won't agree with everything he does and I think this season will be a learning experience for him (and me too). He seems very bright, quite intense and he seems to have no trouble talking to his players, coaches, media and even the fans on occasion. 
  • I have confidence in Alex Anthopoulos. He is very hard working. Smart enough to hire as many smart people as he can find and listen to their opinions. 
  • I have confidence that the Jays will be fun to watch this year. Not that I didn't enjoy last year, I did very much. But having some guys with speed on the team will keep things interesting. 
  • I have confidence in our starting rotation. Ricky Romero has been great for the last couple of years. Kyle Drabek looked great the other day, not that I expect him to be throwing a no hitter for 6 innings of every start. I think Cecil will be fine in the long run. I'll be happier when Morrow is back with the team but Reyes and Litsch look to be a pretty good back end of the rotation. 
  • I have confidence we will score some runs. Our lineup is too good not to.

Anyway put your number in the confidence poll and let us know how confident you are in the Jays.