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Travis Snider Hits a Three Run Homer, Jays Beat A's

Athletics 3 Blue Jays 5

Except for Yunel Escobar taking a knee to the head, sliding into third on a triple, it was a great game. Yunel played the defensive half of the inning but didn't look good standing at his position. After the inning they took him out of the game for 'precautionary reasons'. He was taken to hospital to test for a concussion after the game. The team said he had dizzyness but no naseau or tingling.

Other than that it was a fun game. Jesse Litsch had a very good start, going 6.1, with 6 hits, 2 walks, 3 earned and 7 strikeouts. He did give up a couple of runs in the fourth and another in the 5th but, for the most part he kept the ball down and got ground balls and strikeouts, a surprising number of strikeouts. 

We got good work again out of our bullpen. Marc Rzepczynski pitched 2 scoreless innings with 3 strikeouts. He came in with a runner on first and one out. He did throw a wild pitch but got two quick ground outs. After a quick 8th, he stayed in to strikeout lefty Hideki Matsui to start the 9th, then Jon Rauch came in to get the last two outs and pick up his first save. 

On offense, we got 11 hits, the big one was the 3 run home by Travis Snider (against a left-handed pitcher yet). Yunel was 3 for 3 before leaving the game. Adam Lind was 2 for 4, both doubles. Everyone else (even John McDonald, who only had the one at bat) had 1 hit except Mike McCoy (0 for 3, k) and Juan Rivera (0 for 3) but he did take a walk and scored. 

Jays of the Day are Snider (.259 WPA), Scrabble (.256) and Escobar (.107). I have a hard time thinking that Jesse doesn't deserve a JoD too but I'll go with the numbers today. No one had suckage numbers, the lowest number was Hill at -.070.

So we have our second series win in a row. Tomorrow's might be a tough game as I'd imagine Yunel will be sitting it out and Bautista isn't back yet. Rajai Davis looked to be favoring his foot too. He ran a mile to almost make a great catch on a fly to right center (it just went off his glove). Then the next fly landed just in front of him and did break on it very well. 

Escobar has had such a great start to the season, I'm hoping that he is ok and will be playing soon.

Tomorrow's game is a afternoon one, 12:30 Eastern time. Ricky Romero gets his second start. Trevor Cahill starts for the A's. 

Forgot to mention the Orioles lost tonight, so we are tied for first. And the Red Sox lost again, they are 0-5 now. Life is good.