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Trying to make the right mistake: GM 6 - A's @ Jays Game Thread

I've been looking for an excuse to use a lyric from Robbie Robertson's new CD How to Become Clairoyant. I haven't listened to much Robbie Robertson after the Band broke up but I'm really enjoying this one. Course I have this feeling if you gave me Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Trent Reznor and the rest of the group he has on this one, I could likely come up with a good album too, but he has a bunch of great songs on this.

Anyway, we have a mid-week day game. It doesn't bode well for attendance, since the last couple of nights most of the fans were disguised as empty seats. But since the team has to get out to California for the start of their next series tomorrow, the day game is needed.

Yunel Escobar will be sitting this one out. He is seeing a neurologist this morning, part of the MLB's procedure when dealing with head injuries. It sounds like he will be ok, he said he felt much better this morning and CT scans came back fine. I'm very much hoping that he will be fine.

On why he stayed in the game after the collistion, John Farrell blamed the medical staff (from John Lott's NP story):

"You factor all those things in, but we have complete trust in our medical staff. When that determination was made on the field that he was able to continue, if there was any concern at the moment, that decision would have been made to take him out immediately. But we trust the expertise of our trainers, and at the time there was no reason to think that he couldn't continue. In the subsequent half-inning, there [were] further symptoms that said he needed to come out of that game."

I don't know, personally I wouldn't have needed a doctor to tell me Escobar had to come out of that game.

Today's lineup is missing both Escobar and Bautista. Our lineup doesn't look as scary as we did at the start of the season. Good news is Davis is in the lineup, I thought he was limping a bit yesterday.

For some reasno the SB Nation lineup widget isn't working but Mike Wilner tweeted the lineups:

Davis8, Nix5, Lind3, Hill4, Rivera9, Encarnacion0, Snider7, Arencibia2, McDonald6 - Romero vs. Cahill

Crisp8, Barton3, Jackson9, Willingham7, Kouzmanoff5, Matsui0, Suzuki2, LaRoche4, Pennington6

lineups: As always, keep it civil. Let's get the sweep.