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Yunel Escobar Has 'Mild Concussion'

The word from the Jays is that Yunel has a mild concussion. I'll admit I'm not sure that the word mild should make us feel any better, weren't we told the same about Corey Patterson?

The Jays say he'll be back playing 'next week'. I wonder about the flight to Anaheim. Don't they normally want to restrict folks with concussions from flying? I guess we'll see. 

Meanwhile us folks that like to see Johnny McDonald play short will enjoy the next few days. Thankfully Jose Bautista will be back tomorrow. Our offense doesn't look that great without the two of them. 

It does make you want to question the decision not to pull him from the game right after the collision. I'd like to think better safe than sorry in those situations. At that point in the game there isn't all that much difference between having him in and having Mac in. I guess it was a judgement call, but you would think they would want to err on the side of being careful.