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Jays Lose a Pitchers Duel.

Athletics 2 Jays 1

A great start for Ricky Romero, unfortunately it was also a great start for Trevor Cahill. Romero went 7.1, gave up 4 hits, 2 walks, 1 earned and got 5 ks. 

The game seemed to hinge on one play. In the top of the 8th Andy LaRoche led off with a double, then Cliff Pennington bunted right to Romero. It looked like Ricky had a chance to get the runner going to third but instead threw to first. He got pulled. If he had made the play at third things might have been different.

Frasor came in, struck out Coco Crisp but strike three bounced away from Arencibia and LaRoche scored, Crisp got to first. I thought JP did all everything right but you can't tell how a ball will bounce. Crisp stole 2nd and 3rd while Frasor got his second strikeout of the inning. If it wasn't for the wild pitch on the first strikeout the inning would have been over. Conner Jackson singled to drive in the winning run.

We only had 4 hits on the day, one each for JP, Nix, Lind and Hill. 

Romero (.352 WPA) gets the Jay of Day. Frasor (-.361), Davis (-.220), Snider (-.119) and McDonald (-.114) all get Suckage numbers.

So we get out second 2 of 3 series and the 2 losses we have were both one run games. Tomorrow we start our first road trip in Anaheim. Bautista should be back, Escobar? Well you never know, but I don't think we'll see him for at least a couple of days. And Dotel is back, Janssen is flying off to Vegas. Sorry Casey, I'll miss you, hope you are back soon. 

If you want some good news, the Red Sox lost again, that makes them 0-6. Roy Halladay is pitching and beating the Mets. Brad Emaus is up to bat. Flied out, moving the runner from second to third.