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View From the Other Side: Questions For WiHaloFan from Halos Heaven

I sent off some questions to WiHaloFan from SB Nation's great Los Angeles Angels site, Halos Heaven and he was kind enough to answer. It went both ways, I did the same for him. 


What do the Angel fans think of the Wells trade? How does he look in LF?

Most hated it mainly because of the salary the Angels took on. If Wells'
salary isn't a consideration, a majority of Angels fans are okay with the
acquisition as it upgrades the Angels' defense in leftfield. So far this
season Wells has looked like crap at the plate, but his defense has
definitely been better than who the Angels had out there last season. A lot
of fans were disappointed in the deal since Napoli was a fan-favorite, and
now that he is with a division rival, it's even worse.

Can we have a quick scouting on the starting pitchers the Jays will face?

Let's see...Santana, Kazmir, and Weaver. Santana is the AL's best #3
starter (in my opinion). He's a fastball/slider pitcher who needs to be
able to spot his slider to be effective. If he has command of the slider
he's very tough, one of the toughest pitchers in the AL. If he's missing
with the slider, it'll be a good day for patient Jays' hitters. Scott
Kazmir is terrible. This Saturday's game may be the last game he pitches
for the Angels. Jered Weaver = 2011 Cy Young award winner. Enough said.

How does your bullpen look? I see Scott Downs is hurt, you'll really like
him when he is back.

It looked awful in Kansas City, but now that Mike Scioscia as replaced
Fernando Rodney with Jordan Walden as the Halo closer it's look a lot
better. Once his toe heals, I think Downs is going to be a great compliment
to the Halo pen, and could eventually get some save opportunities if Walden

How are your catchers doing? Are you missing Mike Napoli?

This is a sore subject. Most Angel fans have been completely confused with
Scioscia's man-love for Jeff Mathis as he's easily one of the worst players
in baseball. Although rookie Hank Conger could adequately fill Mathis' spot
on the roster right now, we'll probably have to suffer through another
season of suck behind the plate. I think fans were split down the middle
as to who liked Napoli and who hated him. Those of us who liked him
appreciated the power he showed, especially at a typically weak offensive
position (catcher), and the good job he did last season filling in for
injured Kendrys Morales at first base. On the other side of the fence were
the fans who thought he was worthless with runners in scoring position and
hated his weak defense behind the plate...which I didn't think was that bad.

I'm not a big fan of Juan Rivera in the outfield. Did he have more range as
an Angel? He looks like he has no range at all.

He doesn't. Taking Juan Rivera off of the Angels hands was the cost of
getting rid of Wells' contract. He has an decent bat, but is a statue in

Anything else Jays fans should know about the Halos?

The Angels offense has started the season hot. If they can stay hot, the
Jays are going to have their hands full, especially now that the bullpen
situation has been addressed. Prediction for this weekend: Friday will be
a close, low-scoring game as I really like Kyle Drabek and Santana will be
pumped up for the Angels home opener. Saturday will be close too, but more
like a 12-11, 13-10 game. Sunday, Weaver will get his 3rd win of the