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Jayson Nix Homers, Blue Jays Beat Angels

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Blue Jays 3 Angels 2

Another come from behind win. Gotta love those. 

Kyle Drabek didn't have as good a start as his first one of the season but he battled through 6 innings, giving up 6 hits, 4 walks and getting 5 strikeouts. He gave up two runs, only one of them earned. He didn't have as good of stuff as the first time out, but I'm glad to see that he can fight through a start when he doesn't have his best stuff. You do have to be impressed with just 2 earned runs in 2 starts and 12 k in 13 innings. He has walked 7 in those 13 innings but as long as he can keep getting those ground balls, things are good. I'm sure the walk rate will come down.

He wasn't helped by a couple of lousy throws and a missed fly ball by Jose Bautista. He got one error, throwing wide of third, costing us a run and he could have/should have thrown out the other Angel run at the plate, but threw it up the first base line. But he is a new dad, he likely hasn't slept much since his daughter was born.

Our bullpen did a great job again. 3 innings, 1 walk and 1 hit. Octavio Dotel came in and struck out 2 in his inning of work. nice first impression. Purcey came in to start the 8th, gave up a walk, and was pulled. Purcey was squeezed a bit, so hard to blame him for the walk. At least one of his 'balls' was clearing a strike. Shawn Camp was next and got a quick double play and a fly out. Jon Rauch pitched the 9th for his 2nd save of the season. 

On offense we had 7 hits. The big ones were a 2 run double by Adam Lind in the 6th to tie the game and Nix's home run in the 8th. Rivera had 2 hits, everyone else had one except for Davis, Snider (who took a walk) and Molina.

Jays of the Day are Nix (.240 WPA), Camp (.229), Lind (.229) and Rauch (.178). Suckage numbers go to Snider (-.157) and Davis (-.125). Purcey had the number too (-.099) but since his walk was helped by a couple of bad calls at the plate, I can't give him one. 

The Jays are now 5-2, half a game behind the Orioles (could I have been wrong about them?) (nah, it is just 6 games). Bad news? Red Sox got their first win of the year. Good news? It was over the Yankees.

Tomorrow we have another late night game, 7:00 9:00 Eastern start, Brett Cecil vs Scott Kazmir