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It all seems the same, yet... different - Gm 8 - Jays @ Angels - GameThread

Lasts night game was intense. We spent the first 5 innings of the game with people questionning Drabek. I heard a vast array of things from he looks awful after each walk/hit to the kid is battling out there after each K. Gotta love the kneejerk reactions from us fans sometimes.

Our friends over at Halos Heaven are experiencing much of the same thing so far in this early young season. They are having to go through Vernon's early season slump for the first time and given the general dis-like of the trade in the off-season it is making it much worse now. I have always liked Vernon, he is a great guy and does a lot for the community so I hope he starts going soon... just as soon as we leave that is.

We are up against Matt Palmer tonight and this will be his first appearance of the year for LAA, a year ago he had 14 appearances for LAA mostly out of the pen. In 2009 he made 13 starts in 40 appearances. For the Jays Brett Cecil takes the mound looking to bounce back from his bad inning in his last start. We talked about this on the latest podcast (download and listen!), but it was really just the one bad inning in that start and even then it ended up only being 2 Earned runs. Things could have been a lot worse. Granted I am sure if you speak to Cecil he obviously wouldn't be pleased.

2011 - Brett Cecil 0-1 1 1 0 0 0 0 5.0 6 3 3 1 2 3 5.40 1.60

Matt Palmer

#32 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Angels





Mar 21, 1979

Blue Jays lineup is courtesy of Gregor Chisholm

#BlueJays lineup vs LAA: Davis CF, Hill 2B, Bautista RF, Lind 1B, Rivera DH, Arencibia C, Snider LF, Encarnacion 3B, McDonald SS

Angels lineup from Liga Desafio

Izturis SS,Kendrick 2B,Abreu DH,Hunter RF,Wells LF,Callaspo 3B,Trumbo 1B,Mathis C,Bourjos CF,(Palmer P)

As you can see, Escobar is still not in the lineup but the good news is that he is reported to be running the bases during batting practice. That is a very encouraging sign and means we yet actually see him tomorrow. Hooray!

Lastly, before we get to the comments I got in a few arguments with people last night regarding comments directed towards the Jays players. I will remind everyone that Tom has the rules posted here. They do say that insulting players is allowed within limits. It is just exhausting to see Rivera's Sucks Rivera Blows Rivera's fat and lazy every couple of posts and frankly I get sick of it pretty quick. I am sorry to anyone that I came off as rude too, but how about we try and tone down the insults people are sending towards our team. I swear if I see X player is Lazy again my head might just pop. Just follow the sage advice from Wil Wheaton

Current Series

Blue Jays lead the series 1-0

Fri 04/08 WP: Octavio Dotel (1 - 0)
SV: Jon Rauch
LP: Ervin Santana (0 - 1)
3 - 2 win

Toronto Blue Jays
@ Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, Apr 9, 2011, 9:05 PM EDT
Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Brett Cecil vs Matt Palmer

Mostly clear. Winds blowing out to left field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 55.

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Sun 04/10 3:35 PM EDT

Keep it Civil and Go Jays Go!