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No One's Getting Out Without Stadium Love: 5/1 Minor League Recap

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Las Vegas lost to Sacramento, 5-4:

Travis Snider was 4-4 with a walk and a double.   Nothing left to do in the minors.

That was it for extra base-hits.  

Brad Mills, by the way, had another great start on Friday.  The Vegas offense did nothing, but Mills threw 6 scoreless innings while striking out 9 and walking just 2.  

New Hampshire lost 4-1

Joel Carreno started and gave up 4 runs over 6 2/3 innings.  Carreno struck out 7 and walked 2 which is good, but the two home runs were less good and the fact that he only had 2 groundouts (8 flyouts) was downright awful.  

Anthony Gose was 3-4 with three singles, and also stole two bases.  No one else got on base multiple times and no one had an extra-base hit.  

On Friday, Mike McDade and Mark Sobolewski both had two hit days, with Sobolewski hitting a double.  Craig Stansberry homered.  

Dunedin lost to Daytona 4-2.  

Deck McGuire made the start and it wasn't a great one.  Deck pitched 6 1/3, gave up 4 runs (3 earned).  He struck out 3 and walked 3, and gave up two home runs.  Lots of groundouts, though, and his season is still going pretty well (3.65 ERA, 19/8 K/BB ratio over 24 2/3 innings), particularly considering he started his pro career at high-A.  

Chris Hopkins had the only extra-base hit (a double), while going 1-4.  Hopkins also walked. 

Kevin Ahrens and Justin Jackson each had a single and a walk.  Jackson was playing right field and is hitting well so far this season.  .310/.423/.381


Lansing saved the day with a 2-0 win over West Michigan:

Marcus Knecht was 2-4 with a solo home run.  .378/.451/.622 on the season.  

No other extra-base hits for the team.  The other run came on a Michael Crouse sacrifice fly. 

Casey Lawrence had a great start, pitching 6 scoreless innings.  Lawrence struck out 6, walked none.  3.38 ERA and 16/1 (!) K/BB ratio over 24 innings.  The K numbers are a little low but Lawrence has been getting a ton of groundouts.


Today's title from the Toronto band Metric and their song "Stadium Love"