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What to do with Juan Rivera?

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I was wondering where people are on Juan Rivera. The Mariners DFAed a couple of their disappointing outfielders yesterday: Milton Bradley, hitting .218/.313/.357 and Ryan Langerhans, hitting .173/.317/.346. Is it getting towards time to give up on Juan?

You know the story on Rivera. He started the season off terrible. On April 17th he had a .103 average, but then went on a 9 game hitting streak that brought his average up to .233 at the end of the month. His saving grace was that he was taking walks. He had an .349 OBP in April. His May hasn't started out well, .200/.226/.233, just 5 hits so far and only one extra base hit, a double. Add in that he isn't taking walks this month. But then it is early, only that's only 8 May games.

Like Milton Bradley, Rivera isn't exactly saved by his defense, though I don't think he has looked that bad in the outfield. He is slower than molasses, but he seems to be making most of the plays. Amazingly, to me, as slow as he is, he does have a stolen base, but then he has been caught twice. It would be much better if he didn't try.

He is hitting lefties, in limited at bats, of course. Vs LHP he is .333/.462/.333. Maybe, if we had another outfielder, he could share time at DH with David Cooper.

Personally I'd rather have Snider/Thames/Lawrie up with the team.

I know it would be nice if Juan could build up some trade value, but I don't see it happening, so let's see what we have on the farm. Maybe Thames wouldn't hit any better, but at least there would be the chance that he'd improve and become part of our future. Rivera is 32, and he looks an old 32 at that moment. Some players get old early.

I know, he isn't as bad as he is looking at the moment. I just don't know how much better he will be.