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David Cooper Plays Hero: Jays Beat Red Sox in Extras.

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Red Sox 6 Blue Jay 7 (10 innings)

You have to be happy for David Cooper. 27 at bats into his his major league career and people are writing him off already. Go back a year and people were using him as the example as to show how J.P. Riccardi couldn't draft. Today he hits his first major league home run, to give the Jays a lead in the 8th. When we can't hold the lead, he comes through with a walk off sac fly in the 10th. It was really nice to see. Earlier today, Alex Anthopoulos was telling reporters how Cooper was having good at bats and was showing he wasn't over matched at the plate. Great to see him prove his GM right. 

Of course, he wasn't the only hero today. Rajai Davis got a 1 out single in the 10th and stole 2nd and 3rd, so he could score on Cooper's fly ball. Davis also had a triple earlier in the game. Jose Bautista and J.P. Arencibia each had solo homers. Edwin Encarnacion drove in a run with a bases loaded walk and had a double. Yunel Escobar had a single, a walk and a hit batter (which knocked him out of the game with a bruise above his leg ankle). Could we please, please get through a 24 hour period without an injury???

Kyle Drabek interesting start, 5 innings, 8 hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts, 2 home runs and 4 earned runs. He got to show us why he'll be a good pitcher one day, as well as show that we are a long ways away from that day. He is throwing too many pitches to each batter, but, man, some of those pitches were great. I really do love watching young pitchers improve. 

Jason Frasor gave us a great inning, 1 hit, 3 k. Marc Rzepczynski pitched a great inning, unfortunately his second inning of work wasn't so good, he gave up a tying run in the 8th. Frank Francisco struck out 3 in the 9th, unfortunately he also gave up a home run to earn a blown save. Carlos Villanueva pitched a scoreless 10th, to get the win.

Jays of the Day are Villanueva (.169), Scrabble (.167), Bautista (.138) and Arencibia (.114). I am also giving one to Cooper, since he hit the go ahead homer in the 8th and then the walk off sac fly in the 10th. Cooper (.423), Bautista (.132), Davis (.128). Drabek (-.183) and Hill (-.152) and Francisco (-187) get Suckage numbers. Sorry, the Fangraphs chart I used last night, must have been from during before the game ended. I don't know why, the game was long over.

Another day, another Jay injured, Yunel will be day to day, hopefully not missing too many games. Adam Lind is still day to day, he will, at least, miss tomorrow's game. So, if you are scoring at home, with 8 relievers, the Jays will have just one healthy body on the bench tomorrow. 

Tomorrow Jesse Litsch (3-2, 4.04) starts for the Jays, his last start was terrific. John Lackey (2-4, 7.16) goes for the Sox. 

Please guys, the only Jay batter on the bench will be Jose Molina, we can not have another player injured or we will be seeing guys play somewhere they shouldn't. 

Wins are nice, I had almost forgot what they were like.