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Bluebird Links - To Panic or Not to Panic?

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Nice win for the Jays yesterday, even with a tough start from Drabek.  There's an interesting range of opinions around the blogosphere, which seems to be fairly negative in general on the Jays right now.  I guess that's what happens when they're on a losing streak, but did many of us really expect them to finish above .500 this year?  I doubt it.  The lack of progress (or complete break-down) of Brett Cecil and Travis Snider is troubling, but Lind has looked good, Bautista is one scary man, and the early season injuries haven't helped.  We in the blogosphereare are bound to disagree with some of the manager's decisions (or most of his decisions depending on the blogger), but lets give him more than 20% of the season, and a healthy team, and a major-league lineup before we start looking for our next manager.  Onto the Links.

Jays Links

White or Whyte, he's still Devo
The star CF'er from the early 90's has changed his name. Apparently it was wrong the whole time. A really good read, and I liked what he had to say about Toronto:

"Doesn’t matter what athlete, what sport I’m talking, they all love the city," Whyte said. "They love the city, the diversity. Who cares about the taxes?"

Snider's not ready for promotion from Minors
Apparently, AAA hitting coach, Chad Mottola is encouraged, however Snider is still not where the Jays want him to be with his swing.

Hey, look over here!
The Southpaw breaks down Morrow's 4th inning. And talks bullpen splits.

Get rid of these guys
Panic time! robertdudek at Batter's Box gives us a list of 4 players the Jays should unload.

3) Jose Molina - he's not a good defensive catcher, but everyone will say that he is because he can't hit.

Well, Beyond the Boxscore disagrees, with their catcher defense ratings.

Panic and Reason, and Their Proper Use
The Tao of Stieb tells us to sit back and relax.

More Jays links and Around the League links after the jump.

Pop-Up Duty
Matthias Koster at Mop up Duty looks at the Jays propensity to pop-up.

Not so easy fix
Shi Davidi talks with Jays hitting coach Dwayne Murphy about the recent hitting struggles of the team.

Jays’ young rotation needs to step it up
The Jays’ young rotation was supposed to be the club’s greatest strength this year, but it’s looking suspiciously like its greatest weakness.

Lansing Lugnuts Scouting Report - May 2011
Gerry at Batter's Box provides a scouting report from a few games he managed to see in Lansing.

An Interview with Vince Horsman, Lansing Pitching Coach, May 2011
And he caught up with the Lansing pitching coach. He had this to say about Drew Hutchison:

...Drew is a lot more of a physical presence out there compared with last year. He is maturing as a young man and what we can expect from him tonight, if he is on top of his game, is he is going to have his fastball anywhere from 91-93 with some good sinking action and then he has his slider and a change-up that on any given night are average to above-average major league pitches.

Justin Verlander tips hat to Blue Jay
Verlander with some kind words for JP Arencibia.

Around the League

Guelph pitcher lucky to be alive
Bob Elliot has the story of University of Alabama pitcher and Guelph native, Nathan Kennedy who recently survived a tornado.

Who Has the Best Stuff in Baseball?
Dave Cameron figures it all out.

THT Awards
Jose  is a bad, bad man. The Hardball Times gives Bautista the early season MVP award.