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Yunel Escobar must be ok after taking the pitch in the leg yesterday, he is in the lineup tonight, leading off. Which means instead of a 1 man bench, we have a two man bench. Edwin and Molina are our spares tonight, with Mac playing third. Juan is tonight's DH and cleanup hitter. 

John Farrell had a couple of other little tidbits. Apparently, in an emergency, like say when we have a couple of guys hurt tonight, Casey Janssen would be used in the outfield and if needed, Bautista would move the the infield. Pitchers generally shag flies in the outfield during batting practice. Janssen, to me, seems like the most athletic of the pitchers. It would be fun to watch him out there, if you ignored the fact that it  meant we had more injuries. This lack of a bench puts a bit more pressure on the players to not do anything to get themselves ejected. 

Also, Adam Lind has been hitting off a tee today and all is good and could be back in the lineup Friday. Course by then we'll have 4 other guys with minor injuries. And Jayson Nix played in an extended spring game yesterday and could be activated on the weekend. I guess we'll be saying good bye to David Cooper, which is too bad, I'd like to see him get 100 at bats, to see if we have something there.  We do still have an 8 man bullpen, but then John Farrell has been using all of the guys in the pen. I'd be very sad if Janssen ends up getting sent down. If he goes down and Dotel stays with the team, it would damage my Gillette sharp confidence in our management. 

Perhaps one of the half dozen guys that aren't doing much for us will be released. I kind of doubt it though. We seem to be in one of those runs where we need anyone that can wear a major league jersey, since they all seem to be made of glass.. I'm not a big fan of seeing Nix play a lot but I imagine that is what will happen. Guys with lifetime fielding averages of .900 and OPS+ of 80 are hard to get excited about. 

I do like the idea of Escobar leading off and Davis hitting 9th, but having both Davis and Patterson in the outfield at the same time doesn't exactly strike fear in the hearts of the opposing team. I wonder if there is any chance that we'll see Eric Thames sometime, if they are determined to keep Snider in the minor for now.