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Jays Senior Advisor Mel Queen Dies

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Shi Davidi tweets that Jays Senior Player Development Advisor Mel Queen passed away. he was 69.

Mel Queen played with the Reds and Angels back in the late 60's and early 70's. He pitched, but he also played outfield and pinch-hit some. After his career he coached in the Indians' system and then joined the Jays in 1986. He was a minor league pitching instructor then, in 1990 he became Director of Player Development. He was pitching coach for the Jays from 1996 to 1999 and managed the last 5 games of the 1997 season after Cito was fired. We had 3 Cy Young winners in his four years as pitching coach. He rejoined the Jays in 2008.

He's best known for revamping Roy Halladay's delivery, after Roy's terrible 2000 season. For that alone he deserves his name on our level of excellence. 

Here is a quote from Paul Beeston: "Our organization would not be what it is today without the contributions of Mel Queen. In Toronto he was both the Major League Pitching Coach and Manager but his real strength was in the minor leagues. He joined us in 1986 and whether he was serving as the Farm Director, minor league pitching coordinator or in a number of other roles, Mel was instrumental to our system being one of the most respected in the game. He was not only a great coach and passionate instructor; he was a great friend to me and everyone in the organization and he earned the utmost respect from the young men who had the pleasure of working with him. We were fortunate to have Mel rejoin the organization in 2008 to assist with the rebuild. Our sincere sympathies go out to his wife and family."

Batter's Box has a quick interview with him from 2009.