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Jose Bautista Hits Three Homers Today: Jays Sweep Twins

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Blue Jays 11 Twins 3

Jose Bautista is just unfair. He is hard to believe. The funny part is that you don't get the feeling that he is hot at the plate, just that this is the way he is. I mean, I'm sure he'll have some colder streaks but this looks like who he is. Nice to see that he hit another opposite field homer too. 

There were other guys that had a good game. Jose Molina went 3 for 4, and scored from first on a double and tagged up from second on a fly ball. Poor guy is going to need four days off. Yunel Escobar had 2 hits and a walk. Aaron Hill had 2 hits, including a hard hit double. Corey Patterson had a single and a walk, scoring twice. John McDonald drove in 2. 

Brandon Morrow was great for the first 3 innings, but then had troubles in the 4th and 5th. In 5 innings he gave up 5 hits, 2 walks, 3 earned and 8 ks. He threw too many pitches. That's going to happen with him sometimes. 

The bullpen did the job again, 4 innings, no runs. Shawn Camp pitched 2 good innings. Carlos Villanueva struck out 2 in his inning. Octavio Dotel loaded the bases, in the 9th, but didn't give up a run. 

Jays of the Day? Bautista and Bautista and Bautista. Give one to Aaron Hill (.186 WPA, he has been swinging the bat so much better the last few days, nice to him get some hits out of it) and Yunel (.123). No Suckage Jays. 

Juan Rivera had an 0 for 5 today. He is having a really rough May, he is .191/.246/.263 at the halfway point of the month. 

Jays play 2 games again Detroit starting tomorrow. We see Kyle Drabek (2-2, 4.81) vs Rick Porcello (2-2, 3.93) in tomorrow's game.

5 wins in a row and 2 sweeps in a row. Life is good, keep it up.