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Jayson Nix Activated, David Cooper Back to Vegas.

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This was on Sportsnet Connected, I haven't seen it anywhere else yet. Normally I'd wait until we get word from the Jays but since they Sportsnet and the Jays are owned by the same folks, I'll believe them. 

This means that if Adam Lind can't go tomorrow Edwin would be the first baseman. I'd imagine they wouldn't have made the change if Lind wasn't ready to go.

David Cooper hit just .121/.244/.242 in 33 at bats with the Jays. I didn't think he looked over matched, but then he wasn't getting any results. Course, can't tell anything from 33 at bats.

Jayson Nix was hitting .244/.370/.422 in his 42 at bats before hitting the DL. I'd imagine he'll be back playing third, EE will go back to DH and Rivera will go back to the bench, but I'm not manager so you never know. I'm hoping we aren't looking to Nix to play third for the rest of the year. He's had enough major league at bats to show he isn't a full time player. 

How much longer until we see Brett Lawrie?

It does surprise me that we are going to stick with the 8 man bullpen. I really can't see Farrell bring Dotel into any game that hasn't been decided long before. So how long before we cut bait with him? I know he is making more money, but we got rid of David Purcey, and Purcey had, at least, a little bit of potential.