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Quarter Poll Open Thread

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So we are 40 games in and back where we started at .500. At 25% through the season I thought I'd just put up an open thread for folks to talk about what they think about the team at this point. Some quick thoughts:

  • Jose Bautista, once again, is amazing. So glad to see, since I spent so much time, right after the signed the new contract, arguing with folks that thought the Jays made a big mistake. No one seems to be suggesting that any more.
  • Our bullpen has been great. We are second in the AL in Reliever ERA (2.75, just behind league leader Oakland's 2.73). We also lead the league in innings pitched by relievers.
  • Adam Lind looks like he's returned to the form from 2009. Very nice to see. It would also be nice to see him back in the lineup.
  • J.P. Arencibia looks fine behind the plate.
  • Juan Rivera, Jo-Jo Reyes and Octavio Dotel have been disappointments.
  • I was surprised at the lack of patience with Travis Snider and Brett Cecil
  • The rash of minor injuries has been a surprise too. That we are at .500 after playing through so many little injuries is pretty good. 
  • Jesse Litsch hasn't exactly been a surprise but he has been better than I'd imagined. The surprising thing to me is the number of strikeouts he's better getting. In 41 innings he has 35 strikeouts. He's never been a strikeout pitcher.

Anyway, share with us you thoughts about the Jays' season up till this point.