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Bluebird Links - The Bautista Index and the Loss of an MLB Great.

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Rain-outs suck.  Is it raining everywhere in North America right now?  I kind of think it is, and I for one am glad the Jays are back at home under the cover of the Dome tonight!

Tired of the Jose Bautista gushing yet?  I don't think I'll ever be.  Jon Paul Morosi has jumped on the Bautista bandwagon, and according to the article, Bautista has an...interesting way of measuring a players production:

"The proper way is adding RBIs and runs scored and subtracting the home runs, because you’d get double credit for that," the player explained. "Then you divide that by the number of games played.

"If your index is over 1, or close to 1, that’s amazing. If you had nine players like that on your team, then you’re scoring nine runs per game, and that’s never happened, ever, in the history of baseball."

Curious on how the Jays stack up according to the Bautista index?

Jose Bautista 1.39
Adam Lind 1.22
Corey Patterson 1.06
Aaron Hill 0.88
Rajai Davis 0.86
Yunel Escobar 0.85
JP Arencibia 0.72
Travis Snider 0.72
Jose Molina 0.71
John McDonald 0.68
Edwin Encarnacion 0.65
Jayson Nix 0.59
David Cooper 0.54
Juan Rivera 0.51
Mike McCoy 0.26
Chris Woodward 0.20

The top 9 guys add up to a Bautista Index of 0.94.  That would actually be pretty good if this team could stay healthy!

The other big story of the day is that baseball lost another of its greats this week, with the passing of ex-Twin Harmon Killebrew.  There are quite a few Killebrew stories around the web this morning - Jim Caple's piece reliving the life and career of Killebrew is quite good, and well worth a read.

Many more links after the jump.

Jays Links

Starter Cecil regaining form, confidence since demotion to 51s

After getting roughed up in his first start for the 51s (21-18) at Colorado Springs, Cecil (4-1) has won his last four outings, allowing 10 earned runs on 25 hits in 25 2/3 innings, with 21 strikeouts and seven walks.

How long before we see Cecil back with the Jays?  According to Farrell, in this Toronto Sun article, it will be a while yet.

Farrell named to All-Star coaching team
And a few other tidbits in an article.

Awesomeness arrives!
The Southpaw will be happy to see Eric Thames play for the Jays tonight.

Alomar visits long-time Blue Jays fan in hospital
Roberto Alomar makes a special visit. Nice feel good story.

Adam Calderone Traded to Erie (Detroit) for Cash
Calderone is a veteran outfielder who was playing for New Hampshire.

Around the League

Cleveland clubhouse attendant masters Lego portraits
This is good stuff - especially for anyone who grew up playing with Lego.

The Worst Pitching Performance Ever
Joe Posnanski writes about Vin Mazzaro's historic game from the other night:

...nobody in baseball history had ever allowed 14 earned runs in fewer than three innings pitched until Mazzaro did it. True, you could argue that Lefty O’Doul’s outing in 1923, when he allowed 16 runs in three innings was worse … except that THIRTEEN of those runs were unearned (That’s right: 13 were unearned). It seems pretty clear. Vin Mazzaro — through a combination of bad luck, bad pitching and bad timing — had the worst pitching performance in baseball history.

Transactions History: Sergio Santos
Remember this guy? He came to the Jays as part of the deal when they acquired Troy a SS.  Now he's the closer with the White Sox, and he's putting up outstanding numbers.  He actually had a nice season in New Hamshire when he was traded to the Jays:  .250/.325/.477 - not bad for a SS.

Who's on deck for 3000?
Mick Doherty looks at all of the players with more than 1500 hits to see who has a shot of reaching 3000 hits.

What Do The Twins Do Now?
Remember when the Twins were everyones pre-season pick to win the AL Central? Their record is currently at 12 wins and 27 losses. It's a good thing they play the game the "right way"!  Dave Cameron wonders where they go from here.

Speeding Up The Baseball Game
Parkes has an idea to speed up the game - what do you think? Do you want baseball sped up? Or are you happy with the current pace of the games?

The Bobby Bonilla Retirement Plan (That Is Better Than Yours) Is About To Start
He's about to start collecting on a deferred contract - $1.2M/yr for the next 25 years. He hasn't played in a decade. Lucky guy!