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Bad Start for Jesse Litsch: Jays Lose to Rays.

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Rays 6 Blue Jays 5

Have we ever had a worse start to a ball game? The first three innings we did everything wrong we possibly could. Multiple errors. Hit batters. A wild pitch. And a home run given up. 

The real amazing thing about the game was that with 5 errors (2 on Jesse, 2 on EE and 1 on Bautista for hitting 2nd base with a throw from right, I bet he couldn't do that if he tried), only 1 of the 6 runs scored off Litsch was unearned. Jesse was all sorts of different flavors of awful. But then he's been pretty good most times out this year, so I'm weilling to give him one bad night. He did battle through 5 innings. 

Our bullpen was great, yet again. 4 shutout innings. 2 from Carlos Villanueva and 1 each from Casey Janssen and Jason Frasor

The offense tried to get us back into it. After being down 6-0 after 3, we fell just one run short. We had just 6 hits, but took 5 walks. Corey Patterson had 2 of the hits, a double and a triple. Aaron Hill had another double, just a couple feet short of his first homer of the season. Jose Bautista was 1 for 2 with 2 walks, one intentional. And Eric Thames got his first major league hit, walk, run and RBI. 

Jays of the Day are Rajai Davis (.119 WPA) and I'm going to give one to Eric Thames (.092). Suckage numbers go to Litsch (-.305), Jayson Nix (-.228, though he did make a couple of nice plays in the field) and Edwin (-.125, a very well earned Suckage Award). 

5 errors on the game comes up one short of the team record and, had the scorer wanted, there could have been a couple more errors given out. Hill misplayed a ground ball that could/should have been a double play, but it wasn't called an error and Edwin could have been given an error on Johnny Damon's first inning single.

Tomorrow's game almost has to be better right? Ricky Romero (2-4, 4.04) goes against the Rays and Wade Davis (4-3, 3.47).