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Is it time Brett Lawrie was called up?

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I know we've had this running debate for a while now but I'm thinking it is time. I know the Jays are worried about his 'super 2' status. He should be safe from that soon. Keith Law, among others, has said it is time for him to test himself against major league pitching.

They said they wanted him to take some walks, so now in the last 10 games, he has taken 8 walks. As well as taking walks he has been hitting great the past 10 games, .333/.447/.1.165 with 3 home runs.

His defense? He made a few errors at the start of the season but he seems to have settled down. I'm sure he has more to learn, I figure that Brain Butterfield would be as good a choice to teach him as anyone. I saw him play 3rd in spring training. He has good range and good arm, he'll make the odd error I'm sure, but then we can live with that.

I am sure he has stuff to learn about hitting against major league pitching, but maybe the place to learn that is the majors? If we are going to rely on him next year, it might be a good time to get him used to the MLB now.