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Juan Rivera and J.P. Arencibia Homer: Jays Beat Rays

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Rays 2 Blue Jays 3

I enjoyed that game, you have to like short (2:16), well pitched games, especially when the Jays win.

Ricky Romero pitched a great game, 7 innings 3 hits, 2 walks and 6 k. Just the one earned run off a B.J.Upton home run. That's the second great start in a row for Ricky. The decision to go to mostly fastballs seems to be a good one. He is keeping batters guessing and keeping the walks down.

Marc Rzepczynski gave up an opposite field home run on a fly that I didn't think would come close to the wall, but it carried, in his inning. Then Frank Francisco pitched a 1, 2, 3 ninth that was almost marred by a pop up that fell between J.P. Arencibia and Jayson Nix. One of them should have called it and taken it. Either could have caught it easy and they let it hit the ground. When Upton hit a deep fly ball, two pitches later, I was worried that the non catch would haunt us, but it was caught short of the track.

Our offense didn't do all that much, Wade Davis was throwing strikes and we were swinging at them. Often we hit the ball hard but right at a fielder. Our first pitch swinging helped speed the game along. For the first 6 innings all our offense came on one swing, Juan Rivera's home run. It barely made it, the ball bouncing off the top of the left field wall. Then in the 7th, Rivera took a one out walk and J.P. Arencibia followed with a home run. That's all the offense we got or would need. We had 7 hits in total, 2 each for JP and Juan, 1 for Patterson, Thames and Davis.

 Jays of the Day are Romero (.323 WPA), JP (.263), Francisco (.169) and Rivera (.137). Rajai Davis (-.105) was the only one with Suckage numbers, even with a hit and a walk. He was caught stealing when he took off for second on a pitchout, then stopped and tried to make it back to first. I hate when base stealers stop, I figure if you go in and slide, something good might happen. 

Tomorrow we start Interleague play with three games against Houston. The Astros start Aneury Rodriguez (0-2, 6.26). Jo-Jo Reyes (0-3, 4.75) gets another chance at a win.

The game thread was fun tonight, hope you can all join in tomorrow, we can watch our former first baseman of the future, Brett Wallace. We are 22-21, 2.5 back of the Rays.