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Bluebird Links - Prospects, Player Musings and Inter-League Talk

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Just a quick link post for everyone today.

Jays Links

Romero, Arencibia play game in boy’s memory
Jays stars take to the field with heavy hearts after learning of young fan’s death.

Jays Minority Report: Electric arms jumpstart Dunedin’s surge
The Star takes a look at Dunedin's pitching staff, with some notes from manager Clayton McCullough.

Jays' Glenn launching balls into orbit
The Sun profiles 2009 23rd round pick, Brad Glenn. This guy kind of reminds me of Brad Fullmer.

Missing: Kyle Drabek’s Curveball
Parkes does some investigatory work to find out what happened to Drabek's curve. 

Alomar to represent Blue Jays at Draft
And, apparently Lind is going to be out at least 10 more days.

Jose Bautista: Gold Glove Candidate?
Matthias Koster is wondering if Bautista is a gold glove candidate - with his offensive numbers, he pretty much has to be considered, right? (note, I fully realize that the gold glove is supposed to be awarded based on defensive prowess)

Soft Skills
Drew at Ghostrunner is showing some Johnny Mac love.

Is the Legacy of Joe Carter Overrated?
Like it or not, the answer is yes. Really though, Carter's first 3 seasons with the Jays were fun to watch. Apparently he hit a fairly important homerun too.

10 Photos - 2011 Lansing Lugnuts (Part One)
Batters Box has some fantastic photos of the Lugnuts in action. Part 2 is here.

Around the League

Don't assume Dustin Ackley will start slow
This is somewhat relevant to the Jays call-up situation, as Dave Cameron wonders if great minor league BB:K ratio's translate to immediate success in the majors.

Projecting how Derek Jeter, other again Yankees will do in 2012
SI attempts to project how the six ageing Yankees starts will play next year.

Little love for interleague
Sounds like many in the league would like to take a step back from the inter-league play. There is also a bit on balanced schedule:

Some like the schedule being weighted heavily with interdivision games, others would like to see a more even distribution of the contests across the league. Some like 18 interleague meetings a season, others would rather see the number hacked down to 12 or even six outings. This is the time to debate the pros and cons. "That’s a main topic every agreement, a balanced schedule to get it as fair as possible," says Aaron Hill, the Blue Jays union-player rep. "But a lot of different things come into play. It is one thing that’s an issue."