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Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper? - BBB Podcast Episode 7

Man, you would make like the worst Stormtrooper ever.
Man, you would make like the worst Stormtrooper ever.

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Hey everyone! Check out the latest BBB Podcast. This one was recorded on Sunday May 15th. Which means it was recorded before Adam Lind went on the DL and before Edwin Encarnacion had his horrible game where he made his 2 errors (which likely should have been more). So when I start talking about how I am looking forward to Lind returning but that I was comfortable with Edwin at 1st in the meantime? Yeah ignore that part. Seriously Edwin, it's like you are trying to make me look bad here, quit playing around.



  1. Adam Lind's year , Resurgence or Bloop in the year?
  2. John Farrells year so far, is he doing the right things? 
  3. Jays on the diamond, are the Jays defensively positioned correctly?
  4. Travis Snider, Where are you and when will you be back?


A fun time was had by all especially since the Jays were still on their winning streak at the time. With inter-league coming up I am sure our next one will be full of more hate and bile..... well maybe just from me anyways.

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