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Minor League Recap: Snider finally homers in Vegas

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Las Vegas (won 8-6)

Travis Snider first practiced his patience in an impressive manner: he walked four times in a row. Then he was called out on strikes. When he finally put the ball in play, he hit it too far for any fielder to catch it. Home run, Travis Snider. We're all hoping he can now start crushing the PCL again, hopefully with an improved swing that will help him hit the ball hard again in the majors as well.

Brett Lawrie went 3-for-6 with two strikeouts. AA recently confirmed my theory that they had told Lawrie to draw more walks, and so he did. He hasn't drawn a walk in two days though,even though he does have 5 hits over 11 ABs. I hope he can get some time to adjust to major league pitching in 2011, so he can help guide us to the PLAYOFFS!!!!111 in 2012.

Brett Cecil's start was scratched after a rain delay and is listed on the PCL scoreboard as the probable starter for today's game.

Dewayne Wise continues to hit well, he was 2-for-5 with a double, walk and strikeout. .364/.418/.580 is now his line.

David Cooper is 5-for-17 since returning to Vegas, with 2 walks and 1 strikeout, and 1 double as the only extra base hit.

(New Hampshire's game was postponed)

Dunedin (won 6-4)

Ryan Goins picked a good time to hit his first home run as it was a 3-run shot which put Dunedin on top 6-4. The Baby Jays were down to their final out when Goins hit his home run. After a very weak April, Goins has hit .323/.384/.415 in May.

Justin Jackson went 1-for-4 with a double. Jackson also hit a home run and a double on Friday. His monthly slash lines look much the same in terms of AVG (above .300) and OBP (above .400), but he has hit for a lot more power in May.

Sean Ochinko hit his 4th home run in a 1-for-4 effort. Ochinko has a .204 BABIP, dragging his numbers down considerably. He has not struck out a lot, has improved his walk rate, has needed less PA/HR, but his line drive rate is pretty low and the balls just won't find holes. A 2010 Aaron Hill situation for Ochinko.

Nestor Molina, pitching on Friday, also found BABIP working against him as he gave up 6 runs in just 4 innings even though he struck out 6 and walked just one. He is still the best performing pitching prospect though (certainly in terms of K/BB).

Lansing (won 13-9)

Lansing's position players picked up 20 hits and 6 walks in this game. Their opponents had just 16 hits with 3 walks.

Daniel Webb totally imploded in his second inning, and he left after 1.2 IP and tagged for 7 earned runs. Casey Lawrence came in and was much better, giving up no runs in 4.1 IP, 4 strikeouts and no walks.

Carlos Perez was 3-for-6 with a triple, but his strikeout problems continued as he added two. He has no struck out at least twice over his last six games. He has struck out in 54% of his at bats over those games. That's quite unbelievable, especially for someone who was previously so gifted at controlling the strikezone.

Marcus Knecht was 2-for-5 with a double, walk and strikeout. Michael Crouse was 2-for-4 with a double and a sac fly.

Markus Brisker reached base the most times, he was 3-for-4 with a double and two walks. He played CF, as Marisnick did not play in this one.