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Sunday Bantering: Third Base Woes

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I hope you are all having a great Victoria Day long weekend. I spent most of yesterday car shopping. We have 2 older vehicles, both beyond the 250,000 K mark and my old van is coming to the end of the line. I am so much not a car guy. When sales people start rattling off car numbers to me, my eyes glaze over like my wife's do when I'm talking baseball stats. If they could come up with a WAR number for new vehicles I'd really appreciate it. "Our Honda Regurgitator has a WAR of 4.2 which clearly beats out the Toyota 'Stupidly Name Car' which only has a 2.5 WAR". If they would do that, then I could figure which to buy.

Anyway, baseball odds and ends:

  • Jayson Nix is getting the start at third today. We haven't had a hit from a 3B since last Sunday. 0 for the week. Third has been a black hole all season, our 3Bs have hit .189/.246/.542 so far this year and there is no sign that it is going to improve in a hurry. I was interested to see hear that John Farrell brought up Brett Lawrie's name in his pre-game talk to reporters the other day. I'd think that him mentioning Lawrie meanings that there has been talk within the organization about when he'll be called up. I'd be surprised if it he isn't up by the All-Star break or right after. Especially if we are still within 2 or 3 games of the Wild Card spot. 
  • The recent debate over John Farrell's decisions on when to pull starting pitchers reminded me that it was about 2 years ago when Cito let Brett Cecil give up 4 home runs in one inning against the Red Sox. It was one of those games that, when watching, you wondered what was going on in Cito's mind. I don't know that I've ever seen a pitcher give up 4 home runs in one inning before that. I'm sure it has happen, but I don't remember seeing it. If you don't remember the game, in the bottom of the 5th, Red Sox started the inning up 2-0. Cecil gave up a leadoff homer to Varitek, got a ground, then walk, double with the running from first thrown out at home, home run. By this point, you had to figure the pitcher would get pulled, but no. Then single, homer, homer and finally Cecil was taken out. 
  • Also, it was about a year ago when Edwin had the 3 home run game against the Diamonbacks. And we still lost. 
  • One of my favorite former players, Gary Carter, has brain tumors. I wish the best to him and his family. 
  • Fangraphs has a good idea for talking about BABIP