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Mike McCoy Sent Back to Vegas, Luis Perez Coming Back to Toronto

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Poor Mike McCoy, gets into one game as a pinch runner and back to Vegas he goes. I would have played him at third, he couldn't have done any worse than anyone else has there, but his role on the team is to bounce up and down. We will  see him again soon I'm sure.

Lefty Luis Perez is back up with the big team. He has made 6 Vegas starts and has a 4.54 ERA, pretty decent for Vegas. In 37.2 innings he has walked 18 and struck out 31. His last start was a week ago, May 15, so he should be good and rested. I guess with Carlos Villanueva starting tomorrow they wanted someone that could cover a few innings, since it is unlikely that Carlos will give us more than 5 innings tomorrow. 

Then, the next time this spot comes around in the rotation they can choose Villanueva or Perez to make the start.