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MLB Draft 2011 Preview: Part III

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Because there's so many talented players who could conceivably be first-rounders, and even more who could go to Toronto with one of their four sandwich round picks, I'm trying to give you a quick profile on as many prospects as possible, using various sources combined into one small report. The numbers between brackets are a ranking based on various mock drafts/draft rankings that I combined into a composite ranking. Please note that since the draft is very deep and unpredictable, players are unlikely to go at the spot this ranking "predicts".

Alex Meyer (25) - College RHP, at 6'9 Meyer is a very big guy, and it shows in his velocity: he works in the mid-90s but hits the upper-90s regularly. He also has a good curve but until recently was unable to throw his changeup for strikes. Meyer has very high upside but command questions are a risk.

Tyler Anderson (26) - College LHP, Anderson's best pitch is his changeup, with his fastball usually around 91-92 mph. His fastball has "natural sink" and Anderson commands both his change and fastball very well. He mixes in a slider which is said to be improving. Anderson gets good grades for his feel for pitching and the deception he creates.

Javier Baez (27) - HS SS, RHB, Baez is a polarizing prospect. Some consider him to have good tools and a good chance to stick at shortstop, others question his power potential and his range and arm at shortstop. But as a player who can field a middle infield position well despite his average range, and whose bat speed might make him an above average hitter for an infielder, he's sure to be liked a lot by some teams.

Derek Fisher (28) - HS RF, LHB, Fisher has good power and speed, combined with a strong throwing arm. Hes projected to slow down as he matures, so he is projected to be in RF rather than in center. His good swing, bat speed and raw power could make him a good hitter, though he needs to improve his patience.

C.J. Cron (29) - College 1B, RHB, Cron has a lot of power to all fields but also controls the strikezone well, and he has enough bat speed to hit for average. He could have the best bat in the draft after Rendon. The downside is that he's unlikely to be able to catch, so his future in the field is at first base, where his defense is expected to be average.

Levi Michael (30) - College 2B, SHB, Michael plays the shortstop position in college now after previously playing both second and third base, but he's probably best suited for second. He has good bat speed, but the biggest question is his ability to hit for power. Michael has pretty good speed and has been pretty good on the basepaths.

Jason Esposito (31) - College 3B, RHB, Esposito's calling card is his defense and athleticism. He's lacking strikezone judgement at the moment, though, and though he has some pop now there are questions about if he will hit for power at higher levels. Esposito does have good bat speed though. He is a Boras client, which may deter some teams.

Josh Osich (32) - College LHP, Osich has already had Tommy John surgery, which is a concern as he hasn't thrown many breaking balls since coming back. His velocity is stellar, as he pitches 94-96 mph, and has an above average changeup. He recently threw a no-hitter to boost his draft stock.

Brian Goodwin (33) - JC OF, LHB, Goodwin switched from UNC to JC because he was facing academic suspension. He's rather raw at the plate, but his tools are impressive. His arm strength is lauded, but reports differ on Goodwin's long-term position. He's got speed as well, but "will he stick in center field?" and "will he hit for power?" are the biggest question marks.

Brandon Nimmo (34) - HS OF, LHB, Nimmo is a toolsy outfielder with a sweet swing, an average arm and some speed. Coming from Wyoming, Nimmo could be regarded as a bit of an underdog, but there is no question scouts have picked up on his potential. Nimmo has raw power, good bat speed and athleticism, and is seen as pretty polished for someone with little baseball experience.

Kolten Wong (35) - College 2B, LHB, Wong, a Hawaiian, is a rare kind of player. First off, he's pretty small at approximately 5'9. Second, he's already made the move to second base. He's got a good chance to stick there and he has a lot of hitting ability, with great bat speed, a good eye and surprising power for a small guy like him. He hasn't got great speed, but does have good baserunning instincts.

Dillon Howard (36) - HS RHP, Howard throws 92-94 mph with plenty of movement, and also has a breaking ball and changeup that are deemed to have plus potential by scouts. His mechanics are clean, and Howard is seen as quite athletic, though reports differ on how projectable he is. Signability could be a concern, Howard has a commitment to Arkansas and is represented by Scott Boras.

Who do you think makes sense for the Jays, either at #21 or at #35?