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Would you trade Frank Francisco back to Texas for Mike Napoli?

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At the bottom of this story over at MLB Daily Dish there was the suggestion that the Jays could trade Frank Francisco to Texas for, you guessed it, Mike Napoli. The Rangers could really use some help in the bullpen, we have extras. Frank, well you know, he's had his moments. I think pitching in back to back games isn't something he should be doing, at least until later in the season. The rest of the time he's been ok.

Napoli? At the moment he is batting .198, but he is taking walks. He has 21 walks and only 17 hits, for a OBP of .355. And, of his 17 hits, 10 of them have been for extra bases with 6 homers and 4 doubles.

He has been splitting time between first base and catcher, and has played 5 games at DH. If he could play 3B I'd be sold, but he hasn't played there in his major league career. I really don't think we need another catcher, J.P. Arencibia is doing fine and Jose Molina is fine as a back up. I'm not sure how much playing time he'd get at first either, Adam Lind will be back sometime and Luis Rivera Juan Rivera seems to be doing ok while he is out.

Anyway, let's have a poll.